Current Events: Girls Weekend!


I hope everyone had a great weekend! (And happy Father’s Day to all the papas out there!!) My weekend really started Friday morning since my firm had it’s summer outing– sailing in Boston Harbor for the morning! Any work day where I’m not in the office is a win.

Then I drove straight to my hometown in NH and met up with my BFFs from high school. 5 of us girls (last together in Boston a month ago) met up at Catie’s house and had an old fashioned sleepover. Catie is home from NYC for her sister’s high school graduation (CONGRATS EM!!) and we were recruited to bring the fun for her graduation party on Saturday.

Friday night we went to La Carreta and celebrated being together again. How else to cele but with gigantic margaritas a Mexican food because.. is there really any other way?

Fast forward to Saturday and basically, Catie’s mom is a picture-perfect Pinterest board IRL. She is beyond chic and creates the most stunning parties for every event. We couldn’t stop telling her that she needs to write a book, plan events, etc. She is magical as you’ll see from the following snapshots of the day.


The “Burger Bash” for Em was outside in their amazing backyard. I mean any party called a Burger Bash is bound to be a hit, right?


Picture homemade sangria, fancy lemonade for the kiddos, the chicest popcorn ever, pulled pork, chips & salsa (aka my weakness, someone hold me back) and of course, lots and lots of burgers. And I don’t mean frozen patties. We witnessed Catie’s mom/party extraordinaire hand forming and WEIGHING 64 perfect patties the night before. I mean… she doesn’t do anything half way.


I didn’t even know there was a way to display toppings in a pretty way?


And if you didn’t know which kind of burger you were feeling.. there were suggestions on display.



Her mom makes the most gorgeous ornaments and sells them on her Etsy page too! Link here if you’re interested!


You could find me monitoring the sangria section.. The fresh grapefruit slices were just calling my name. I’ll just leave you with a few more pictures (including the dessert buffet featuring homemade lemon squares aka crack). I got a little snap-happy.



It was a perfect day to celebrate Em and be with all of my best friends who I hardly get to see anymore. And seeing her mom in action as a domestic goddess definitely makes me want to step up my hostess game..

It finally felt like a summer weekend, and a perfect one at that ❀



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