In Health News: Who’s Tried Bulletproof?

As Queen Regina George once famously said, “I really wanna lose 3 lbs”.  While this might be true (hi, beach season right around the corner) it’s not the only reason I wanted to try Bulletproof.

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Since junior year of high school I have been plagued with stomach/digestive issues that no amount of doctor visits, elimination diets, acupuncture, blood work, meditation, you name it have been able to cure. More on this in a similar post coming later this week!

Per usual, one day I was researching different lifestyle approaches (not necessarily “diets”) and came across an in depth article about Bulletproof. I had heard about this adding-butter-to-your-coffee fad before and never gave it a second thought. Butter and I are not friends, as dairy and I do not mix well together.

However, after reading just about every article written by Dave Asprey on his site,  I learned what the Bulletproof approach was all about. It’s so much more than butter and coffee. Well for me, there’s no butter- there’s ghee which is actually clarified butter and lactose free. Going Bulletproof can help with brain fog, get people out of diet ruts/plateaus, give you energy, and can help get rid of that base layer of fat (!!)

If you’re interested, I’d strongly suggest heading over to the Bulletproof website and reading up for yourself!

BTW: I am totally not affiliated with Bulletproof in any way, I just feel the need to share this! I wish I was BFF’s with Dave though.. I think biohacking could be for me.

Basically, I’ve been trying the Bulletproof version of Intermittent Fasting. This means I stop eating by 8pm at night, then wake up and have nothing but my Bulletproof coffee until 2pm the next day. This was a major change for me as I am usually allll about my morning superfood smoothies!


The coffee is a mixture of Bulletproof coffee, ghee, and Bulletproof Brain Octane. Their beans are clean, mold-free and make the smoothest cup of coffee I’ve ever had. Read more on his website about the sourcing if you’re curious.

The Brain Octane is basically this magic oil that suppresses your hunger signals, clears brain fog, and helps your body run off of fat! (Sounds a bit like what Lindsay Lohan told Regina George in Mean Girls now that I think of it..)

The ghee is a healthy form of pure fat that keeps you satiated and able to function, work, etc and it doesn’t even feel as though I’m fasting.

By day 3 I was already feeling less bloated! This is like a miracle for me.

It’s been 2.5 weeks now, although I have fallen off the wagon on the weekends, and I am really liking how I feel.

I think I’ll do an update on this later but I wanted to share and see if anyone else has traded their breakfast for Bulletproof coffee? I would love to hear about how you feel and how it’s working for you!


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